900MHz Radios

The easiest radio to use on 900 MHz is the Motorola GTX. These radios can be found on Ebay for about $100+ or at hamfests for as litle as $20. To program, all you need is to modify one file in the programming software. The filters in the GTX work down to 927 MHz, so these radios work very well for repeater use. The GTX does either 10 or 24 watts. I can program the GTX Portable and Mobile for you, just drop me an email or catch me on the radio.

Other Motorola radio's that work. Maxtrac, Spectra, LCS-2000, MTX9000, MCS-2000, MTX9250

The Maxtrac and Spectra's require hardware modifications, if you do want to buy one of these radios please have the seller modify it for you. Kenwood Radios: From what i've read, you should stay away from Kenwood. They are not able to do the 25 MHz split that is required for 900 mhz. If you buy one, you are on your own. Motorola Spectra, Maxtrac: Find one that is already modified and have the seller program it for you. For more information on what radios will work, take a look at: http://www.qsl.net/kb9mwr/projects/900mhz/plan.html
GTX Mobile GTX Portable

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